Leslie G. Rathbun

POSTED 08/29/2014 12:10:37 AM EDT

To the editor of THE EAGLE:

The Elm Court project is an excellent project for Stockbridge. There are important and significant benefits for the town and Lenox.

The project will provide added tax revenue for Stockbridge and increased business for Lenox and Stockbridge. Lenox Chamber of Commerce President Ralph Petillo spoke highly in favor of this project recently for its promise of increased business for Lenox stores, restaurants and so on.

The project will create jobs for our youth and in construction. The presence of a first-class, exclusive resort would enhance the prestige of Lenox and Stockbridge.

As long as the developer complies with appropriate building codes and bylaws and gets the approval of the Selectmen of Stockbridge the project should be done. Our boards, Selectmen, planning and zoning, and the Laurel Hill Association have protected and preserved our town for hundreds of years. We don’t need a small group of people interfering in our business, so step up Selectmen and grant the necessary permits to build the resort.