David F. McCarthy

August 3, 2014 

Stephen Shatz, Chair
Deborah McMenamy
Charles Gillett
Selectmen Town of Stockbridge
50 Main St.
Stockbridge, MA 10262 

Dear Steve, Deb, and Chuck, 

I am unable to attend Monday's meeting on the Elm Court proposal. But, I would like to register my support for the development. 

I'm sure all of us can understand the concerns that have been expressed about it. But, it seems to me that the developers (through siting, etc.) have done a good job at minimizing much of the potential impact of the project. And, the traffic studies seem convincing that this issue, while not trivial, is also within bounds for our community. 

Mostly, though, I think that a project of this scale, given the care with which it has been developed, is good for Stockbridge and well within its character. Importantly, it will offer more career oriented jobs than smaller developments. I know we are all concerned about the rise in the median age in Stockbridge. Approving a development that offers a range of career opportunities locally can only help the vitality and diversity of our community. This, I believe, is very much in the long term interest of our town. 


David F. McCarthy 

P. 0. Box 1106 
Stockbridge, MA 01262